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WeUnveiling the Magic of the Enina Theatre Festival: A Journey Through Theatre, Music, and Cultural Diversity

Updated: Apr 4

The inaugural Enina Theatre Festival has left a lasting impact on all who attended. Attendees were treated to a spectacular showcase of culture, art, and entertainment. From carnival walks around the city by 13 local governments in Edo state to diverse cultural troupes and masquerade displays, theatre performances, and engaging masterclasses, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

This is what some of the attendees had to say about their experience at the festival:

"I loved the "Carnivale Locale" walk around the city. It was a great way to set the festival spirit and immerse myself in the vibrant energy of the event." - Ms Violet Okosun

"The Enina Theatre Festival was a celebration of talent, culture, and creativity unlike any other. The performances were top-notch. The diverse cultural troupe and masquerade displays were simply stunning. I was mesmerized by the rich traditions and artistry on display." - Mr. Tunde Akingbade

"The theatre performances were spectacular, but my favorite were the plays Joromi (The Musical) and Azagidi. The music, the choreography, the storytelling – it was all so captivating." - Magdalene

"I attended a few masterclasses during the festival, and they were incredibly informative and inspiring. I learned so much from the talented instructors." - David

Overall, the Enina Theatre Festival is set to become a staple event on the cultural calendar. As the festival came to a close, attendees left with smiles on their faces, memories in their hearts, and a newfound appreciation for the arts. The Enina Theatre festival will surely be remembered as a highlight of the cultural calendar. Cheers to the Enina Theatre Festival – here's to many more years of showcasing the Edo culture in the Nigerian theatre!

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